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Overhill Nation Camping Page

Our Overhill Cherokee ancestors lived very close to nature. For many of us in today's over-mechanized world, the closest we'll ever get to our ancestors' way of life is when we go camping.

Creator gave us a world of abundance, which supplies all of our true needs. Most Americans today have so lost sight of this simple fact, that they believe they need all the modern conveniences to live. The idea of being out in the Real World of nature is daunting to many.

This is sad, since they are depriving themselves of a wonderful gift. I would like to encourage everyone to camp, and camp often. This page is dedicated to sharing our camping experiences with each other.

If your clan has a camping function you'd like to share, please send me your stories and pictures.

If you as an individual or family have a significant camping experience you'd like to share, send that to me as well. (By significant, I mean besides a routine weekend at the local commercial campground. There's not enough room to cover all those experiences. Significant camping trips could be a hiking/camping trip along the Trail of Tears, a wilderness survival trip, etc.)

The idea is to inspire our people to GET OUT THERE in the world Creator Yowah made for us.

You can contact me here.

Here's what I have so far:

Never camped? Here's some general information on camping.

Camping with Chief Man Many Trees (July '08)

Camping with Chief Man Many Trees (July '09)

Florida Wolf Clan warrior campouts