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Gathering April 2010
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So what's up with rain and Nation's Gatherings lately? We had plenty of rain and wind, but we had good fellowship anyway on April 23-25 2010 at Caney Creek Village campground.

A good number of people were able to make it to the Friday Friendship Fire, as well as the main events on Saturday.

We had members in attendance from as far away as Florida and Massachusetts. Several new members joined, and many received their names Saturday night.

Due to the heavy wind and rain, we spent a lot of time under a huge tarp. Putting it up was a saga in itself (thank you warriors), but it kept us from getting soggy, until we decided to move to the barn for ceremonies and dancing. Holding the Planting of the Corn, Pipe, and Naming ceremonies in such a small space was a challenge, but it worked out alright.

Wolf Bear was named as Top Warrior, and Night Wolf was named as Medicine Man. With Man Many Trees' approval, Head Dancer Hawk Dancing selected Smiling Star as the Lady Head Dancer.

Speaking of dancers, Smiling Star and Hawk Dancing taught native dance classes for the kids. Teachers and students alike did quite well. You can watch a video of the classes on the pictures page.

We also got to throw atlatls (at lot uls), and had a regalia contest for little Miss Overhill, Little Warrior, Young lady and young warrior, as well as women and men's competition.