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2018 Friendship Gathering

Our 2018 Frienship Gathering was awesome. The harmony was sincere. The relationship of those in attendance could be compared to the old time family reunion. There was laughter, there were smiles, there were tears of happiness. It was one of the greatest and most memorable gatherings the Over Hill Nation has ever had. I speak these words because these are the words of so many people who came to me and spoke to me at the gathering. The Creator's guidance was with us, as were the spirits of our Over Hill ancestors. You could feel the presence of the Creator, and our Over Hill Ancestors. Everyone walked away from this gathering with a new and fresh feeling of friendship with their brothers and their sisters. Wado to each and every member who made this gathering a gathering of happiness. Wado --Man Many Trees.

So how peaceful was the gathering? Well...

These folks seem to know how to hangout...

Some folks camped on the grounds, others in motels or cabins nearby, while some just drove in for the day Saturday. Some even did a little kayaking around Chota

There were some crafts and books for sale

He's a pickin, and he's... umm, which one is grinnin? Well, we got serenaded anyway.

Everyone was glad to see that Crow Hawk (center) was able to make it. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tall tree was a very busy young man this weekend. At the ceremonies, he was officially declared to be the Head Warrior
(no longer just Acting Head Warrior)

Grey Eagle and Hawk Dancing. Hawk was able to get a ride over from Pulaski, where he is now living.

These ladies couldn't wait to be photographed with Man White Cloud. (What's the secret, Cloud?)

Getting ready for the ceremonial circle later on

While Hawk Dancing imparts some of his wisdom to an eager listener

New meets old. Here we see a Cherokee warrior getting ready to keep back the darkness.

All is ready to light the paths around camp tonight...

What gathering would be complete without interacting with the wolves?

As you can see, Prince just hates to be petted.

We had some dancing before ceremonies. Unfortunately, since the young ladies dance was a prayer dance, we have no pictures or videos of them. Click on the image above to see a youtube video of Hawk Dancing doing hoop dance.

And click on this one to see his fancy dance.