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September 2010 Ripe Corn Overhill Nation's Gathering

Relaxed and friendly is a good way to describe this gathering. Folks attended from New England to Florida, on Strong Heart's land near Vonore, TN.

Strong Heart announced that the gathering site is available to all members of the Overhill Nation. It is located on Back Creek, appropriately at the back of Strong Heart's farm. From the artifacts found at the site, this was clearly a former village site. One of the artifacts is a bowl carved into a boulder where our grandmothers ground their corn long ago.

To camp or just spend the day there, contact Man Many Trees or Strong Heart.

We had a Cherokee wedding ceremony before the Ripe Corn Ceremony, the Naming Ceremony, and the Pipe Ceremony. During our ceremonies, we were serenaded by two howling wolves. Before the ceremonies, a number of awards were given out, and announcements made.

We all missed Hawk Dancing, our Head Dancer. Special prayers were offered to Creator for him. The kids posed for a group picture to give him, and several people wrote letters for Grey Eagle to give him.

We had fun with the trade blanket Saturday afternoon. Lots of good trades were made, junk - I mean trade materials - changed hands, and folks just had a good time.

The weather cooperated pretty well. We had some light sprinkles, but nothing to send us scrambling for cover. The ceremonies were unaffected. Saturday night about the time most folks had settled in, the rain returned to provide a light patter on the tent roofs.

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