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Getting Help

For our ancestors, their clan was their life. After your immediate family, your concern was for the well-being of your clan. This worked both ways. When you needed help, your clan was there for you.

If you have an issue with the traffic signals on your street, you don't take that problem directly to the President of the United States. You start with your city or county government.

Similarly, you should take your questions or problems to your Clan Chief and/or Council members before taking them to the Principal Chief or his Council. I imagine Man Many Trees would love to be able to adress each question or concern personally, but that's just not practical. He has enough of a workload as it is. Besides, your local clan officials will be more familiar with what's going on, and if not, they can always refer you to the Nation level.

Keeping the above in mind (to ask your clan Chief first), I will be posting info here as things come up, or as I am asked to post them, in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How do I make a prayer request on the website?
Just contact the webmaster.

Can I have something added to the website?
Again contact the webmaster. I will run it past the Chief and if it's acceptable I will add it.

How do I get an ID card or replacement card?
For a new card, send a drivers license style photo of yourself, along with a $7.00 check made out to Top Notch Printing Co., to Over-Hill Indian Nation
Principal Chief Man Many-Trees
P.O. Box 1044
Tellico Plains, Tennessee 37385

For a replacement card you should still write the Principal Chief. (ID cards are a sensitive matter. There "card flashers" who would join the nation just to get an ID card for the wrong reasons. Going through one contact person (the Chief) helps cut down on this sort of thing.)