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Members helping Members

We have a lot of talent in our Nation, as well as a lot of generous people who love to help others.

It's true most of us aren't exactly rich in the financial sense. But many of us have skills that can really benefit others. Some of us have resources we can share, even if it's just our know-how, or our strong backs and sweat.

If you are interested and willing to help out your fellow Overhill members in any way, you can list that fact here. Or if you have a need, list that here as well. Then as we see a need we can fill, or a service we need, we can contact each other.

(Because there are a lot of automated programs out there 'harvesting' people's email addresses from websites in order to put them on spam lists, we'll use images rather than text for email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses. Us live humans will be able to read them, but not the harvesting programs.)

I will open things by offering free camping on my private land in the Disney World area to any Overhill members with either tents or self contained RVs. If you're not into camping but you will be in Central Florida a night or two, our guest room is available.

Contact the Webmaster.