Welcome to my world

Hi, I'm Patty, and I'll be your nurse. Or at least I might be, if you were homebound in Polk Couny, Florida.

Being a Registered Nurse working Home Health Care in Polk County definitely has its challenges. Polk County's official name is Imperial Polk County. It's bigger than some European countries! And of course, your patients are never near each other. You always end up running from one end of the county to the other.

Of course, after the day's visits and paperwork, it's break time. (It has been scientifically proven that cats prefer human mattresses.)

Sadly, all good naps must end, and there's more patients to see. (But hey, check out the ride.)

I am also known as Spirit Butterfly of the Florida Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants. (Try saying that three times fast.) That's me on the right, and Chief Wild Red Star - our clan chief - on the left.

Allow me to introduce you to my feline kiddies:

I also have non-feline kids:

David and Jonathan are not Hemmingways, but they do have opposable thumbs.

Some neat links I've found:
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