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~From Chief's Front Porch~ #13 (Sept. 2015)

By: Principle Chief Man Many Trees (Lee Roy Gibson)

We as First People can be proud of who and what we are and what we do. We don't look at the times as negative but a time to prosper. A time to bring forth new and exciting things. A time to gather our thoughts, our families and our friends.

We need to stay focused on what we can give to each other and not what we can gain for ourselves. We are a proud people, a Nation that believes in helping each other with prayers and support. A people that have strong ties to our Brother and Sisters and are willing to be there for each other in their time of need.

Our Nation is the joining of people whose history has been passed down from generation to generation letting them know of their Native American ancestry. Our Nation's members are the descendants of the OVERHILL Cherokee. The Overhill Cherokee are a select few Cherokee who stayed behind and did not walk the trail of tears during the removal of our people to the west. Our ancestors did not leave. Our Nation's Ancestors chose to dwell in the mountains and as a matter of survival and promotion of harmony eventually adopted the white man's names and ways of life. Our Ancestor's chose this path so they would not have to leave their beloved mountains and valleys of east Tennessee and so their descendants would have the opportunity to live and walk the Red Path in the beloved homeland.

The Over-Hill Cherokee Descendants was established in 1990 so that the learnings and traditions of our ancestors could continue to be passed down to future generations without erosion. We foster beliefs that are of the highest standings with regard to Family Morals, Environmental Conservation and Spiritual uplifting.


Once we start, there is NOT to be any talking, whispering, giggling, etc., until the last drum beat when ceremonies are finished. Ceremonies are a tradition of the Over Hill people and need to be taken seriously. You are supposed to be attentive and observing; however, if you MUST get up, do so quietly, not to disturb the ceremony around you.

Keep in mind that everything that everybody does in this nation comes back to me. Our actions follow us everywhere we go. Each one of us represents the nation and clans in everything we do - so THINK before you act or react. THIS IS A NATION, NOT AN ORGANIZATION.