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Vickie Vaden Spiritwind Adams
April 18 at 5:04pm

As a child, I was taught by my Mother and Grandmother the connection with the Great Spirit YoWa. I was taught that silent prayers were heard by the Creator-God-Yowa. So, at an early age, I spoke to the Creator man times a day through silent moments of prayers. When I was 14 I fully understood what, and who the Creator truly was. The spirit of His love fully awoke in my soul. There in the early morning sun light somewhere in Oklahoma the child in me died, and i was re-born, with a spiritual awakening that has made me who I am today.

After this re-birth of my life, I realized what my Mother, Grandmother, my uncles nad the old men and women that had spent time telling me stories and the traditions and history of our Overhill Cherokee Ancesp>tors were trying to convey to me. They were teaching me how our ancestors believed that made the The Principle People. They believed that you didn’t always turn to force when someone wronged you. Our people believed that you should always be watchful and learn from the mistakes we make in life. Our people were taught to look within our souls for the answers to solve our difficulties in our lives. Our ancestors believed that each of us should respect ourselves. This will respect from others. This way we have the knowledge to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Our ancestors accepted other people as they were. The young men were taught that to become a leader, he must show wisdom. A True Leader is a person that hold the people respect not fear. A young warrior was taught to believe in his own judgement in difficult situations that threw road blocks in his life’s path. To act on his instincts to solve a problem with others. Our people were taught to see a person’s aura, and not let others control and manipulate their lives. Our ancestors were taught not to have egos, that we all have abilities that may differ.

The children of our Overhill Ancestors allowed for personal expression of ones self. However, they were taught that no one was allowed to intimidate them. Our ancestors were taught to not let others take advantage of them and to never let others interfere with their sacred space. Patience was considered strong wisdom in ones ability to control their attitudes in dealing with others. Our Overhill Cherokee Ancestors believed that those who walked with the sacred Spirit on life’s journey would always have power among their people!!

As understood by: Chief Many Trees