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Philosophy Of Life.....By Chief Man Many Trees

December 5, 2018

In your life the greatest gift you have is being able to make a choice. Having the freedom of one’s own self to be able to choose is a beautiful gift.

Another gift is truth. If you choose to always speak the truth, you will always have the respect of people. Even people who do not like you or agree with you. They will respect you if you always speak the truth. Another choice you and only you can make is that you can be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy. It will always be your choice.

Remember words are only words unless they are spoken in truth and to express your feelings. Remember also that listening is a most important gift, the more you listen to some, the faster way of seeing just what kind of person they really are. Always when meeting new people let them do most of the talking and never reveal everything about yourself too fast. Just sit back and listen and watch their eyes. You will be amazed how smart you will become just doing that. Silence is a strong gift. Let others do most of the talking, silence is a sign of wisdom. Don't worry about if people think you are a good or bad person, there will always be those that think you are good.

If you try hard to be what others expect or want you to be. You will finally forget who you really are.

And anytime you choose to look for something, be sure you already know what your going to do with what you’re looking for when you find it. Remember the past, the present, and your future is now. Live today, tomorrow is just a thought, yesterday is just a memory. And the 2 most important things to always remember “Imagination” is your door to freedom, and “Respect” yours to others and their respect of you is supreme power.