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Jennifer Bradley Cropper
January 16 at 4:06 PM

North Wind- We greet you, Spirit of the North. You are the cold, biting wind that blows across our land, that strips the earth of all that is dead and decayed and robs us of false securities so easily blown away. Teach us to plant our feet securely on the earth and to see things as they really are, that the coming of your Spirit may find us standing firm in integrity. It is your spirit whose winds bring the snows of winter, to wait in darkness with the sleeping earth, believing that we, like the earth, already hold within ourselves the seeds of new life. West Wind- We greet you, Spirit of the West. You cool our hot and tired bodies, refresh and bring laughter to our hearts, It is you who ushers in the setting of the sun. It is by your power that the sun hangs suspended for endless moments before you catch it with your breath and carry it of into the night. Guide our steps at the end of the day and keep us safe from evil. Fill us with your peace as you enfold us with your great mystery of the night that we might rest securely in your arms until morning calls us forth again.

East Wind- We greet you, Spirit of the East. You usher in the dawn on your breeze; you stretch forth your fingers and paint our skies. Awaken in us, with each day new hopes, new dreams of colors, loves and joys never before imagined. Fill our bodies with your breath; invigorate us. Carry us to the farthest mountain and beyond. In spirit us that we might reach out to you boldly to grasp the miracles that are given birth with each new dawn.

South Wind- We greet you, Spirit of the South. You Bring the winds of summer and breathe on us the warmth of the sun to soothe and heal our bodies and our spirits. You thaw and soften the coldness of our world. You nudge the seedlings to break through the soil to the light. Quicken us, draw us by the urging’s of your warm breath to break through the the soil of our own barrenness and fear. Drive our roots deep into the earth and stretch our branches full out into the sky. Teach us to hold sacred the memory of the spring rains that we might have the strength to withstand the heat of the day and not become parched and narrow in our love. Lead us to accept fatigue and resignation, knowing that life is not to be rushed.

As this New Year is in full swing, I thought it might be good to touch on this lesson taught by Chief Man Many Trees from our by-laws book (page 43). I personally feel this is a very special lesson to remind us the gifts of Mother Earth, the gifts of our ancestors, the knowledge of our Elders, and to remind us of no matter how sad,or whatever we may be feeling, there is so many gifts to be thankful for and appreciate.

Thank You Chief Man Many Trees for your lesson today.