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Jennifer Cropper·Friday, July 19, 2019·

The Cherokee Warrior

The Cherokee Warrior was and is a man of respect. Why? Because of how he lived his life. In order to be a warrior, was to be a respectful man and so honored. How do you get to be respected? By giving it, along with love and dedication to our Overhill Nation, its principles, people, and with our deeds in life.

As a people, our ancestors cared for one another, the communal pot, so no one went hungry. The care, love and respect given to our elderly. The love of the children showed by guidance on the path.

Our way of life with the Great Father and Mother Earth, these things were honored, loved and respected with gratitude. That was how our ancestors showed appreciation for the things given to us freely by Grandfather on a daily basis.

Today as then we are given guidance by our Principle Chief, Clan Chief, Head Elder, Clan Elder, Beloved Woman, and Our Nation’s Counsel along with our HONORED Warriors and the dedication of our Head Warrior. All based on honor, respect, and a love of our Nation. These people are the back bone of the Overhill Nation.

To be honored and respected by others along with being loved by our Creator, that was what the Overhill Warrior wanted most, and lived for these things were earned.

Chief Man Many Trees did a vision quest many years ago. His vision was to bring us together so we would not have to be just small groups here and there or just a man alone trying to walk as our Overhill Ancestors did. Chief Man Many Trees and Earth Mother Gave up much to gives us this Nation as it is so we could walk together and uphold one another. We all owe respect and honor to our Principle Chief for the love and sacrifice he has given on our behalf. So saying these things, all must know that respect to our Principle Chief, Nation’s Council, and Clan Chiefs will be shown the respect and honor they have earned, and are so owed.

A valuable lesson taught by Chief Man Many Trees.