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~From Chief's Front Porch~ #9

~The Reason Behind the Planting of the Corn Ceremony~

We must all be aware of one Great Spirit, YOWA-CREATOR-GOD and his son JESUS CHRIST, who lived on earth and suffered being put to death, in order for those who came after him to have everlasting life after their journey here on earth was over.

Our ancestors believed that this Supreme Spirit placed a spirit in everything he created here on earth to provide life for us to live as we do today. He gave us air to breathe, leaves on trees to supply us with oxygen, trees to build homes and keep warm by the fire in the winter time. The Great Spirit gave us rivers for fish to eat, creeks and springs for drinking water. He gave us Mother Earth who grows all things necessary for us to survive. For every sickness we would encounter, the Great Spirit, God, supplied us with a cure in the plants and herbs that grew from Mother Earth.

We must never lose sight as to why we gather to do our ceremonies, just as our Overhill Cherokee ancestors did so many years ago. We must keep in our minds and spirits that we are gathering together to honor our Creator, the Great Spirit God, and never forget that he is the Supreme Power of all existence. We are also there to honor his son Jesus Christ our Saviour. It is the Creator who places the spirit in our lives and for that reason we do our ceremonies as we pay our respects and give true honor to our maker, the Great Spirit.

As understood by: Chief Many Trees

#9 Prepared by: Hummingbird Warrior