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Prayer Requests

These are requests from or for our members and families. If you have a prayer request, contact the webmaster Being human, it doesn't hurt to remind me if you don't see a request appear right away after you have contacted me.

Praise is as important as asking for our needs. As you know how prayers are answered, please share them with us here so "our joy will be full".


Prayer Warriors, our Beloved Woman Spiritwind is in need of prayers for strength, energy, and healing. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Jennifer Bobcat Cropper


Please lift up the family of William Laughing Bear Lawson in your prayers. Though he is with Creator now, they will need our support


UPDATE The awful Results coming in. Multiple Stone's still there, cyst in right kidney, liver enlarged. Kidney Speacialist on Wednesday. Hospital if getting sicker before. Please continue Praying.

Crow Hawk ~Advisor to Chief Man Many Trees~


Chief Man Many Trees needs prayer. Please lift him up to Creator in your prayers


Not doing well at the moment. Asking Prayers for Creator's touching hand. Liver and Kidneys and shutting down. More tests on Monday and possible results from the tests conducted on Wendsday, Thursday and Friday. Urine test and blood test off the charts. Fatigue, sickness, unable to eat, bed fast most of the time. Getting out for an hour or two drain's all energy. We know Creator's got this and this I think is a path he wants us to travel on. Trusting our Creator's trial he's put before us. Creator knows what the cause is, the cure, the reason. Enough for us to understand. He promises us that he will lead,guide, direct us in all situations, all we have to do is Trust and obey him and give him Credit, honor. He has shown us several times and examples of reaching into the far reaches of Hell to save his lost lamb's and children, I fully trust his reasoning for the trial's and tribulations he puts before us daily. Total Renal failure, chronic kidney disease, are possible causes. All we're asking for is Prayers

Crow Hawk ~Advisor to Chief Man Many Trees~


This is Tony Spiritfeather Adams Dad's Obit. Requesting prayer for the family as we move through this time of Celebrating his life but missing him here. Thanks

Spiritwind, ~Beloved Woman of the Over Hill Nation~


Please pray for Chris, a friend of Hawk Dancing, who's going through a lot of difficulty right now.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Please pray for Debbie Packer as she goes to surgery on Tuesday, December 11th


Please pray for my wife, Spirit Butterfly. Her heart has gotten worse over the last few months, and she can't walk any distance without getting out of breath. She has had 2 different pacemakers already. Also, besides getting out of breath, she has a lot of pain in her legs and feet which we thought was neuropathy, but now the doctor suspects poor circulation. She is having a test on Friday December 7th to find out about that.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Little Bull, Chief of the Red Paint Clan in Virginia and his wife are both having health issues neither one are doing well. She is having major back issues and her lupus is very active and is causing issues and he is having hernia issue plus a heart murmer that is causing some heart beat issues..please pray for them.


Crow Hawk is back in the ER. Went to cardio to followup from last week. Still hAving chest pains. Getting ready to go home. Doctor says it is probably muscular

Mother Hawk, Beloved Woman of the Deer Clan

Vern Packer, Jr ( Coyote ) went to be with the creator and all his ancestors on Saturday Oct. 13, 2018. He was Debbie Packers husband ( White Lighting ). Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Mother Hawk, Beloved Woman of the Deer Clan


Man Little Bull, Chief of the Red Paint Clan, and his wife are in great need of prayer right now. Please lift them to Creator immediately, as their need is time-sensitive. They need help quickly.

Man Little Bull, Clan Chief of the Red Paint Clan


Spirit Butterfly is having continued heart problems. She just had a disappointing test result. Please continue to lift her to Creator

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Chief Man Many Trees got his new glasses, and has been seeing great! Please pray that Creator helps keep him seeing well.