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2015 Overhill Nation Ripe Corn Gathering.

This is an official message from Chief Man Many Trees: Chief did not get his 200 foot drop cords back after the Gathering. Also missing are the lights and 3 hammers. Without the cords or lights we will have no way to have lights at the next Gathering for the ceremony. If anyone knows what happened to these items please let me know or call chief directly and advise. Wado.

Despite bad weather predictions, we had a very good gathering. This was the 25th anniversary of the Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants. It was also Chief Man Many Trees' birthday. (Click for a short video).

(Some of the "singers")

Before ceremonies Saturday night, several awards were given.

Throughout the weekend, we were able to catch up with old friends (some older than others).

There was a good spirit of family.

Getting around was a challenge at times, but we had two golfcart "shuttles" to help folks up and down the hill.

Of course, we had ceremonies in the evening, including the Ripe Corn Ceremony, Women's Tobacco and Mens's Pipe Ceremonies, a baby dedication and naming, and a number of other people received their names. Here folks are waiting for things to get started.

A number of people had asked if Hawk Dancing was going to be at the Gathering. Yes, he was. He dances here. (Click to see)

It was a good gathering, and we hope to see you on May 6-8 2016 for our Planting of the Corn Gathering!

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