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August 2009 Overhill Nation Women's Meeting

Wild Pretty Bird, Head of the Women's Council
Woman Spirit Horse Clan Mother of the Deer Clan
Woman Little dove- of the Long Hair Clan of Morgan County
Night Panther of the Wind Clan was re-named to Prowling Night Panther at the womans meeting
Woman Spirit Horse, Mother Owl, and Sees the Rainbow
Shining Eagle - daughter of Woman Black Star and Chief Walks Like a Bear
Crow Woman, Medicine Woman of the Overhill Nation
Crow Woman and Moon Star
Grandmother Flowering Rose
Sees the Rainbow
Chief Black Wolf Standing and Wild Pretty Bird of the Wind Clan - he was our drummer one of only two men allowed at this meeting
Spirit Feather and Spirit Wind of the Wind Clan- he was our firetender, and the second of the two men
Chief Black Wolf Standing of the Wind Clan- our Drummer
This is a picture Moonstar took. It looks like an orb over Spirit Feather's head before the meeting started.
This is the orb (up close)
MoonStar daughter of Crow Woman- a warrior
Sun Star - Clan Mother of the Wind Clan, and daughter of Wild Pretty Bird.
Spirit Wind Messenger of the Wind Clan and Black Feather Clan Mother of the Long Hair Clan of Morgan County
Crow Woman and Gentle Hands.